With full service histology labs & offices deliberately situated over the United States, we have both the framework & scientific expertise to meet the advancing needs of our customers promptly. We ensure high-quality results from our full range histopathology services.
Our laboratory has a high-production environment that accentuates tissue accountability amid each step of arrangement and preparing. Our worldwide anatomic pathology network has an unparalleled limit, enabling us to play out the histologic handling & histopathologic assessment of million tissue tests each year.

Routine Histology

Lab managers, section leaders & supervisors monitor the histology aspects, ensuring that all the work is done according to explicit study conventions. All the activities experience basic stage examinations by our Quality Assurance Unit, which works autonomously of all venture exercises, guaranteeing consistency with GLP necessities.
Paraffin embedding, tissue processing, staining & cutting done with the help of histo-technicians & fully automated equipment with 10 years of experience. Amazing outcomes are ensured by our restrictive multi-step QC procedure to take out slides with tearing, wrinkles, blade artifacts, folds, non-uniform recoloring, foreign bodies & air bubbles.


Glass slides are subjected to the latest digitized high-throughput scanner- Leica AT2. High-resolution and fresh (40X) brightfield entire slide pictures can be seen in a flash online without downloading or any gigabyte-sized records.




Special Stains: Alcian Blue (AB),Combined AB/PAS,Congo Red Combined Masson Elastin (CME),Fontana-Masson, Wright-Giemsa,GromorMay-Grünwald, Neutral Red, Nissl,Oil Red O,i’s Stain for Fungus (GMS), Gram, Kreyberg-Jareg Luxol Fast Blue, Perls’ Prussian Blue, Phosphotungstic Acid-Hematoxylin (PTAH), PicroSirius Red, Safranin O,lin, ReticuPeriodic Acid Schiff (PAS), , Toluidine Blue, Masson’s Trichrome, Von Kossa for Calcium.

Immunohistochemistry using an automated machine. Newly approved antibodies are being added to our list each day. We have likewise banded together with counteracting agent producers to present to you the most recent approved antibodies, so you spare time and expenses on streamlining.
100+ validated antibodies for both human & mouse
Multiplex IHC such as triple color IHC (HLA-A2,CD34 ,CD45) & dual color IHC (GFP-CD68,CA9- CIAP2.

New antibody streamlining

Exclusive conventions for immune system conditions not accessible at producer’s site, for example, PDL1 & CD8 for mouse tissue

In-situ Hybridization



Long term storage & hosting with our restrictive internet services, cooperation, inquiry, correlation & data mining tools. Reasons for putting away computerized slides online rather than locally are:


Computerized information put away on the cloud is supported up by various areas and 100% safe from debasement/misfortune.

Minimal effort

Use precisely the assets you need. Our on-request processing model enables you to store & access the information on the web while wiping out the need to keep up a costly, in-house IT framework.


Access your information whenever and wherever, on any Internet-based gadget. Instant sharing around the world is possible.


Nobody aside from you, or those you offer rights to, approaches your information.


We can have as meagre or as much information as you need—never stress over purchasing hard drives again.


We have joined forces with industry-driving computerized pathology merchants and created exclusive AI calculations to dissect entire slide pictures in short order naturally (for example cell number and size,% Ki67, tumor volume, vein thickness, collagen area, recolor force and more)


Expert diagnosis & histopathology assessment by our group of incredibly renowned pathologists with mastery in the human specimen.

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