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Breast Cancer, Signs, Types, Surgery process

Breast cancer is a form of cancer that is caused by the cells in the breasts. Following the skin cancer The breast cancer can be the third most prevalent cancer that women are diagnosed with across the United States. Breast cancer can affect both women and men however it's more…

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What is Melanoma Skin Cancer and its Types?

Melanoma is a serious type of skin cancer. Melanoma develops when melanocytes start to grow out of control. It can be more serious than the other forms of skin cancer because of a tendency to spread to other parts of the body (metastasize) and cause serious illness and death. About 50,000 new…

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Why Routine Histology is important

Histology, also called microanatomy or microscopic anatomy is the study of tissues and cells. In histology, imaging techniques that are advanced are used to analyze and identify the cells and tissues present in an organism. Histology can be used to know the functions of cells and tissues, identify if there…

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Skin Cancer Types & Symptoms.

As we know that skin cancer is among the major problems for the world. Skin cancer means the abnormal growth of skin cells. Skin cancer has come through the two reasons. The first reason is that skin cancer exposed by UV rays of sun and other one is unrepaired DNA…

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Guide to Dermatologic Histology Specimens Examination for Skin Treatment

No one wants to deal with acne, eczema, skin damage, scars, and other skin related diseases. Yet around 50% of people are suffering from numerous dreadful skin diseases and skin cancer is amongst them. There are some skin conditions that can easily be treated at home, while others require a…

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Major Benefits of Mohs Micrographic Surgery Procedure for Skin Cancer

Undoubtedly, Mohs micrographic surgery procedure has the highest cure rate among skin cancer treatment modalities. Recent studies have shown that Mohs surgery can have a 99% cure rate for many skin cancers. The Mohs surgery is a type of microscopically-controlled surgery which treats skin cancer. This surgical procedure is capable…

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Imperative Considerations After Diagnosed With Basal Cell Carcinoma

Basal or squamous cell carcinoma is a type of skin cancer. It begins in the basal cells- a type of cell within the skin that produces new skin as old ones die off. With early detection and treatment, almost all basal cell carcinoma(s) can be successfully removed without any complications.…

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Benefits of Digital Pathology and Its Future Outlook

Digital Pathology extends the limits of microscopy, allowing educators, students, clinicians, and students to share the tissue samples easily. Image sent or shared through specific analysis software or over the internet paves the way to a new and exciting microscopy tool. Benefits of Digital Pathology People who utilize a microscope…

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Things You Should Know About Histopathology Laboratory

One of the most growing spectrums of science is histopathology. It entails the evaluation of sampled whole tissues under the microscope. There are plenty of research organizations and companies that are dedicated to exploring this field and histopathology laboratory is one of them. Specimens that are required by the histopathology…

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The Skin-Care Glossary You Should Know About

As we all know skin is the biggest organ of the body. It actually acts as a protective barrier to the environment, restricting the inward and outward course of water, electrolytes and several substances. It is important to be aware of the changes that are happening to your skin which…

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Past, Present, and Future of Histology

Histopathology and Histology are often combined to understand the histopathological interpretation better. It is essential to prepare the histology slides of a sample in the histology laboratory and evaluate them in the first place to determine if the cells or tissue are in a good state or diseased. Past In…

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Emerging Equipment in the Derm Industry

From common skin and nail conditions, dermatology procedures are on the rise these days. Growing prevalence of skin cancer and other skin ailments have contributed to the rising demand for several dermatological diagnostic and treatment practices which in further spurs product demand too. Social media, advertising and TV all have…

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What You Should Know About Mohs Micrographic Skin Cancer Surgery

For treating skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, Mohs micrographic surgical treatment has been a game-changer so far. In this treatment, the cancer is detached layer by layer, and the tissue is scrutinized under a microscope after each and every step so the skin doctor…

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Helpful Tips for Dermatologists to Run Their Own Practices Successfully

Whether you are just finishing up with the medical school or going to make a mid-career shift, you are not alone. You are not the first one to pursue that and you won’t be the last as well. If you are wondering how to start a dermatologist practice it is…

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Emerging Methods of Slide Preparation to Help Streamline

As we all know microscope slides are made of plastic or glass and they are around 1x3 inches and thickness falls between 1mm-1.2mm. So, the objects magnified under compound microscopes are built up onto microscope slides. Several techniques of preparation enable avant-garde viewing of organic and inorganic objects. The highly…

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How to Manage a Histology Operation Being a Freelance Technician

In histopathology laboratory, it is not enough to have just technical proficiency, but suitable medical know-how is needed too. This helps a lot in assuring the quality standards are being met because the labs’ results are pretty important in supporting prescription, diagnosis, and monitoring procedures. Quality assurance must be achieved…

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Known Cures For Melanoma

When suffering from melanoma, You will be attended by a group of experts incorporating a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist, an oncologist (a chemotherapy & radiotherapy expert), a pro attendant and pathologist. While settling on your treatment, the following things will be considered: • Type of malignant growth you have •…

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How technology will affect the future of Dermatology

Technology & innovation are making seismic moves in the dermatology Industry. The health care industry across the globe is embracing new advances at a breakneck velocity. And that gives rise to a fundamental dilemma-if machines can carry out the responsibilities, then what will humans do? With advancing technology, the dermatology…

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How to Ensure High Quality Slides

Making slides is a standout amongst the most basic components of histology labs, however ensuring a high quality evaluation holds more importance. Techniques like processing, sampling and staining ads to the quality of slide preparation. Changes Required for High Quality Slides Improving the quality in laboratory is the key to…

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Ways to Mitigate Risk of Receiving Skin Cancer

Do you know that melanoma (skin cancer) is the most widely known type of malignancy in the United States? In this scorching summer heat, recall that overexposure to the UV rays can have harmful side effects. Albeit some skin malignant growths are moderate to spread and frequently react to treatment,…

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Definitions of the ingredients in Dermatology Products

With so many skin care products available in the market, it becomes hard to explore the aisle of beauty with certainty. There is the significant number of ingredients—& eventually, some are difficult to articulate (for example hyaluronic acid) as they are to decide—that it's difficult to tell which ones are…

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Ways to Streamline Human Resources in the Medical Industry

As the medical industry keeps on confronting the shortage of talent, the challenge for quality elevates. For maintaining a competitive edge in the evolving therapeutic landscape, employers need to discover approaches to adjust to the new scenario while streamlining acquisition procedure. While auditing your systems & processes, look out for…

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Histology for Beginners

The microscopic study of tissues and cells is known as histology. It includes concentrating on their unmistakable minuscule structure that clarifies the practical and clinical significance of sample under study. Histology is a vital part of medicine as it connects biochemistry, physiology and molecular biology to the investigation of ailment.…

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How does Social Networking tie into the Dermatology Industry

Mohs Lab Technician - Mohstek

“A Social Network is not merely about Website. It’s about experiences.These sites are similar to a prison where while sitting idle,you keep staring at a wall &can write anything on it.” Considering the mammoth client base and the huge potential of social media, everybody attempts to tap these reserves. The…

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Innovative Technologies In Dermatology

Biopsy Prep Lab Services Mohstek

The Dermatology Industry is encountering maybe its most quick pace of development & innovation ever. Naturally, this move has been driven to some extent by technology, with new advancements exhibiting tantalising value for healthy skin. Technology has transformed dermatology praxis which will accelerate in the years to come. Some of…

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Dermatology Practice - Mohstek

Dermatology is a rapidly-growing field, and it will keep on developing in the following couple of years. As a maturing populace keeps on searching for corrective medications that keep them looking youthful,the field of dermatology keeps on observing an ascent throughout. While private dermatology rehearses can be truly beneficial, cautious…

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The Best of Digital Pathology

Best Digital Pathology - Mohstek

Digital pathology has assumed pivotal role in research process for quite a long time. Utilization of static images for tumor boards and teaching has developed to incorporate the present clinical applications including the utilization of whole slide images (WSI) and remote assisted fine needle aspirations for quality assurance (QA) and expert consultations. The…

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Biopsy-What You Need To Know

close-up of scientist hands with microscope, examining samples

A biopsy is a method for diagnosing illnesses. A specialist expels a sample of tissue or cells to be inspected by a pathologist, generally under a microscope. While a biopsy may sound unnerving, it's essential to recollect that most are generally safe and pain-free. Contingent upon your circumstance, a bit…

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Important Facts You Need to Know About Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer - Mohs Laboratory

1.  Ultraviolet (UV) light causes the vast majority of skin cancers Approximately 86% of melanomas skin cancers and 90% of nonmelanoma have been linked to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. Early sun rays contact, mostly everyday sunburns as a kid, can also increase the risk of skin cancer. 2.…

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What is Mohs micrographic surgery and why it is considered more rather than other treatments?

Best scientist working at the laboratory

Are you suffering from skin lesion? If yes, then have you reached to a skin specialist for the proper examination of that wound? If your doctor has informed you that your skin lesion is cancerous, then it needs to be removed surgically. You’ll have a lot of information to know…

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10 Things everyone need to know regarding Mohs Micrographic Surgery!


1. Dr. Frederick Mohs developed the Mohs surgery during the 1930’s 2. This surgery is considered the most helpful way to remove Squamous Cell and Basal Cell Carcinoma. Other therapies exist, but Mohs has the highest cure rate – approx. 95% for recurrent cancers and 99% for new cancers! 3.…

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Important Things That You Are Required To Know About Mohs Surgery

Best Mohs surgery to treat skin cancer

Mohs surgery is one of the highly effective and quick procedures used in the treatment of skin cancer. According to recent research, the success rate of Mohs surgery to treat skin cancer is 99% and 95% able to treat recurring cancer. We know that skin cancer removal has much lower…

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The well used Mohs micrographic surgery to saves lives.

Mohs micrographic surgery

Every year many people’s are being affected by melanoma which is one kind uncommon skin cancer. The prospects for most skin cancers are very good, with early detection and premier treatment. Mohs Micrographic Surgery is the best choice for the patients to treat squamous and basal cell carcinomas, however, can…

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The largest network of laboratory centers

Best Clinical Laboratories - Mohstek

Clinical laboratories are concentrated on applied science generally on a production-like origin, as divergent to research labs that center on fundamental science on an educational basis. Laboratories nowadays are held jointly by an organization of computers, software programs, and terminology standards that swap data about test requests, patients and test results which is called LIS ( Laboratory information system). The LIS…

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What do you mean by carcinoma and its treatment?

Carcinoma and its treatment

A carcinoma is a form of cancer which is found into cells that are responsible for creating the tissue coating organs or skin, like the kidneys or liver. Like other forms of tumor, carcinomas are special cells that split not including direct. They are proficient in reaching to further fractions of the human bodyfor all…

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Biopsy Prep Lab

Our high quality histology services exceed the standards of all pathology labs. Our pathology lab which prepares slides has been operational for almost 25 years. Our seasoned histology technicians will assure you of exact results and quick turnaround of 24 hours. Our Specimen Cool Storage will keep your specimens at…

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