Moshtek technicians are highly experienced and trained veterinary pathologists, skilled and detail-oriented technical providing highest level of quality. All CBI studies are conducted within our laboratories , and are under the supervision of our pathologists, quality assurance unit, and PhD-level scientific managers.
Our quality assurance unit audits all critical and important phases of GLP studies, and all phases of slide preparation are overseen by a certified veterinary pathologist, ensuring the highest quality slide preparation.

Services We offer:

Performing histology today is a much different and easier experience than it was a decade back.  Important additions and advancements have also been made to the histology method within the last decade, the use of antibodies to stain tissue sections in the process called immunohistochemistry.

  • Digital image analysis, histomorphometry, and photomicroscopy
  • All the species, including human, veterinary, and laboratory animals
  • The Special techniques including ocular, tissue/organ whole mounts, retinal whole mounts, brain mapping, gelatin techniques, stem cells, and oncology.
  • High-quality and complete reporting, GLP.
  • Tissue cross-reactivity studies, GLP, and research.
  • embedding, sectioning, staining
  • Routine and special histochemical staining.
  • Routine paraffin slide preparation: gross trimming, processing,
  • Frozen sections, cytology, and smears
  • Devices, plastic, resin, and ground sections
  • Immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, and in situ hybridization

Steps in Histopathology we follow:

A specimen brought to the histopathology laboratory must first be logged, identified, and then subjected to specimen preparation prior to tissue processing.
Sample collection
Logging of specimen
Preparation of tissues which include fixation and decalcification
Processing of tissues includes dehydration, clearing, paraffin impregnation.
Tissue embedding
Preparation of sections which include the process of microtomy, attachment of sections to slide, and removal of pigments and precipitates
Staining and mounting procedure, which includes dewaxing, hydration, staining dehydration, clearing, and mounting.
Our state-of-the-art extensive experience and technology with biologics, antibodies, large molecules, small molecules, and devices help us to offer comprehensive pathologic assessments and interpretations. These are specialty pathology services provide you with the best flexible, cost-effective, and timely product-specific resources possible. Our experienced ACVP board-certified pathologists interpret slides that are key to successful histopathology results. Moshtek team closely with our clients to ensure the highest and best quality science on our histopathology studies.