Important Things That You Are Required To Know About Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is one of the highly effective and quick procedures used in the treatment of skin cancer. According to recent research, the success rate of Mohs surgery to treat skin cancer is 99% and 95% able to treat recurring cancer. We know that skin cancer removal has much lower cure rates. Thus Mohs surgery is considered as good odds. Following are few things that you need to know about Mohs surgery:

Mohs surgery is very precise

During Mohs surgery, a dermatologic surgeon removes the skin from a cancer site one layer at a time. Initially, a dermatologic surgeon outlines the spot with ink to plot cancer. Once a local anesthetic is applied, the doctor eliminates the thinnest feasible layer of cancerous tissue. Then the layer is sent to an on-site pathology lab for processing so the dermatologic doctor can then examine the tissue under the microscope to find out whether any tumor remains. If skin cancer perseveres, then the patient is called back into the operating room to remove another layer—and the process is continued until all cancerous tissue has been removed.

The procedure is efficient and quick

As the dermatologic surgeons that do these procedures act as together the pathologist and the surgeon, they can finish these surgeries in a single day. During another method, patients and surgeons and may be required to wait a few days earlier than learning from a pathologist whether any cancerous tissue remains around the surgical site.

Mohs surgery leaves fewer wounds
Because of its precise and incremental approach, Mohs surgery requires a smaller cut, which results in fewer marks. The process removes the smallest amount of healthy skin nearby cancer—only taking what is required to eliminate the tumor.

Mohs surgery is painless

Apart from the injection of a painkiller to frozen the area before the procedure, patients will experience very little pain during or afterward. If patients are anxious about the process, our dermatologic surgeons can give them a verbal medication in addition to the painkiller to help them rest on the day of their Mohs surgery.

Its success rate is high

Mohs surgery is efficient and speedy, but also one of the most efficient forms of curing certain types of skin tumor. For a normal skin tumor, which is going to be treated for the first time, the success rates 98-99%.