Major Benefits of Mohs Micrographic Surgery Procedure for Skin Cancer

Undoubtedly, Mohs micrographic surgery procedure has the highest cure rate among skin cancer treatment modalities. Recent studies have shown that Mohs surgery can have a 99% cure rate for many skin cancers.
The Mohs surgery is a type of microscopically-controlled surgery which treats skin cancer. This surgical procedure is capable of providing complete removal of skin cancer and is taken care of by an experienced dermatologist in a medical facility.
In cases where cancer is likely to occur again, mohs surgery is an attractive alternative to go with. The Mohs micrographic skin cancer surgery is highly recommended when skin cancer has a higher chance to spread through your body. This treatment makes is possible for the doctor to assess each and every individual layer of skin in search of cancer cells as the layers are extracted one after the other. Until and unless the cancer is removed from the root, the doctor will continue to remove the cancerous tissues scrutinizing each layer to search cancer.
There are plenty of benefits of Mohs treatment for skin cancer surgery on a face that is here as under:

Reduces Errors That Might Arise With Other Skin Cancer Treatments

Various skin cancers are removed with standard surgical treatment. The practice involves one surgeon who removes the skin cancer and pathologist who checks the specimen to keep it cancer-free. Mohs surgery uses one physician as both the pathologist and surgeon. This further eradicates the possibility of miscommunication between the pathologist and surgeon.

Performed under local anesthetic

The Mohs surgery is done in the doctor’s office under local anesthetic so that the patient is not put to sleep. The surgical treatment lasts for 5 minutes but it takes one-two hours to check the cancerous tissue. A wet bandage is applied on the wound to keep it safe while the patient is waiting for the tissue to be processed.

Can result in speedy recovery

Depending upon the extent of the surgical procedure, it will take anywhere 2-4 weeks to heal from Mohs surgery. Since the procedure is done under the local anesthetic, Mohs surgery patients generally recover from the treatment quickly. In a nutshell, it won’t be wrong to say that Mohs micrographic surgery procedure can be an effective treatment for skin cancer.