Our high quality histology services exceed the standards of all pathology labs. Our pathology lab which prepares slides has been operational for almost 25 years. Our seasoned histology technicians will assure you of exact results and quick turnaround of 24 hours. Our Specimen Cool Storage will keep your specimens at the ready for up to 10 years. We have courier services available for pickup and delivery. Our high quality histology services specialize in preparing surgical and dermatologic histology specimens for histopathological examination. We can do low cost slide preparation on most routine dermatological specimens.


We have:

  • Courier Services Available for Pickup & Delivery
  • Special Stains Available
  • Ten Year Specimen Cool Storage
We can provide pick up times between 7 am to 8 pm. but *Don’t panic… After hours pickup is always available upon request. Within 24-48 hours have all of your specimens picked up, pathology slides prepared and delivered. No one in the industry can compare to the quality of MOHSTEK. Once the slides are created, your patients remaining tissue sample stays encapsulated in paraffin wax, and saved in a cool environment for ten years. To find out more about how our services may better serve you, simply Request a consultation and prepare to be amazed at what we have to offer you.