The well used Mohs micrographic surgery to saves lives.

Every year many people’s are being affected by melanoma which is one kind uncommon skin cancer. The prospects for most skin cancers are very good, with early detection and premier treatment. Mohs Micrographic Surgery is the best choice for the patients to treat squamous and basal cell carcinomas, however, can be used to heal tumors together with melanoma. Melanoma, the deadliest form of the disease needed to be cured on time. Mohs Surgery is specified when cancer was treated earlier and has been occurred again.

Following are few other reasons to opt this surgery:

  • Scar tissues are existing in the spot of the tumor
  • The tumor is in a spot where it is essential to protect fit tissue for most excellent cosmetic and functional result, for example, eyelids, lips, ears, nose
  • The boundaries of cancer are difficult to define clearly
  • The tumor is huge
  • The tumor is growing uncontrollably or rapidly

The Mohs micrographic surgery to treat cancer contains the pathological investigations and particular sequences of surgery. Mohs surgeons study the detached tissue for facts of extended cancer roots. As the visible cancer is eliminated, Mohs surgeons map out the paths of cancer using two essential tools:

  • A microscope
  • A chart of the surgical spot

As the visible tumor is eliminated, the Mohs surgeon will eliminate a supplementary, thin coating of tissue from the cancer site. After that, they will create a drawing or map of the detached tissue to be utilized as a lead to the right place of any left behind tumor cells microscopically study the removed tissue carefully to check for confirmation of remaining tumor cells.

If a few of the divisions contain tumor cells, then the Mohs experts will reach out to the particular spot of the cancer site as specified by the chart. Then will remove an additional thin coating of tissue just from the specific area inside each segment where tumor cells existed. The microscopically check up the recently removed tissue for further tumor cells. If microscopic study still demonstrates confirmation of illness, the procedure carries on layer-by-layer until the tumor is moved out.

The highly trained and well-skilled specialists perform the Mohs micrographic surgery. With their widespread awareness of the skin as well as distinctive pathological skills, they can remove only contaminated tissue, protecting healthy tissue and reducing the aesthetic effect of the surgery.

Mohs is a precise, scientific approach that takes place in one office visit. The doctor removes a layer of the lesion, one cell deep. Margins are examined under a microscope with a special dye that helps to make cancer cells visible. The practice is to go over again and again until no further cancer cells are detected.

Following is the list of the benefits of going for Mohs micrographic surgery:

    • Only local anesthesia is required.
    • There is no tense period of waiting for biopsy results. You know the success of the procedure when you leave the office.
    • Mohs does not harm healthy tissues surrounding the lesion. That means a minor wound, faster curing, and less scarring.
    • It is now utilized for some melanomas.
    • Reduced risk of treated lesion recurring.
    Trust the healthcare services of MOHS-TEK and get the best results in no time.