What You Should Know About Mohs Micrographic Skin Cancer Surgery

For treating skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, Mohs micrographic surgical treatment has been a game-changer so far. In this treatment, the cancer is detached layer by layer, and the tissue is scrutinized under a microscope after each and every step so the skin doctor can confirm that all of the cancer cells have been taken away. It maximizes the chances of getting rid of the abnormal cells while still conserving the normal skin tissue.

One can expect good results from the skin cancer surgery on the face up to 99%, and the chances of disfiguring scars are pretty minimal. So, what exactly is Mohs surgery? Well, it is based on the concept that normal pathology specimens cut like a bread loaf which assesses only around 3% of the total surface area of the margins of cancer. The Mohs technique enables evaluation of the complete surface area.

As part of the Mohs procedure, the skin doctor not just removes cancer from the skin but also plan out with special colored inks. Then, the dermatologist assesses it under a standard light microscope. Skin doctors should be well-trained to perform the Mohs surgery, and usually, it is practiced in the doctor’s office in a few hours.

Benefits of Mohs Micrographic Surgery

• After treatment of a primary tumor, the cure rate is 98-99%, which is pretty higher as compared to other surgery or treatment for skin cancer.

• Near about, all the patients go through a full removal of the skin cancer and reconstruction on the same day. When the need arises, coordinated care with other professionals like radiation oncology, oculoplastic surgery, or other professionals is readily available.

• This treatment enables the highest preservation of healthy skin, which further results in the smallest surgical lines possible. So, it makes sure that you have an optimal cosmetic result for your surgery to be completed successfully.

• Considering the high cure rates, low complication rates, and lack of general anesthesia Mohs surgery is a cost-effective treatment for a permanent cure to skin cancer surgery on the face.

In order to find out whether Mohs surgery is right for you, schedule a visit with one of our highly experienced dermatologists. After a comprehensive analysis, we confirm the type of cancer you are suffering from and inform you of the skin cancer treatment options available.

Being a reputed medical laboratory services provider, we use Mohs surgery to treat various types of skin cancer such as Melanoma, Extramammary Paget Disease (EMPD), Squamous cell carcinoma, Basal cell carcinoma and Dermatofibromasarcoma Protuberans (DFSP). Besides this, we also suggest Mohs surgery to cure skin cancers when they are growing rapidly, appear on your face, scalp, feet or hands, genital skin cancers, have ill-defined borders which depict they don’t have a clear start or end.

The surgeons at our clinic are board-certified physicians who provide you the utmost attention and care you need to ensure the surgery is performed in the finest way.