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Carcinoma Treatment

We Work For

Mohstek Basal Call
Carcinoma Treatment

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Histopathology is the microscopic study of the diseased tissues. It is one of the important tools in anatomy and pathology for the accurate diagnosis of cancer and other diseases. Moshtek technicians are highly experienced and trained veterinary pathologists, skilled….

Routine Histology

With full service histology labs & offices deliberately situated over the United States, we have both the framework & scientific expertise to meet the advancing needs of our customers promptly. We ensure high-quality results from our full range histopathology….

Biopsy prep lab

Our high quality histology services exceed the standards of all pathology labs. Our pathology lab which prepares slides has been operational for almost 25 years. Our seasoned histology technicians will assure you of exact results and quick turnaround of….

Free Consultation

For all of your Pathology needs, our Histology / Mohs laboratory and our mobile Mohs Technicians are ready to serve you. Fast, convenient, and flexible billing options are available, and always tailor fit the flow of every medical office.


MOHSTEK is currently seeking individuals ready to jump-start their careers in the medical field, we are currently seeking individuals for the positions of: Technical Assistant, Accountant

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