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Mohs Technicians

Navigating the realm of Mohs micrographic surgery requires more than skill—it demands industry-leading expertise. Our adept Mohs technicians stand out in the field of melanoma diagnosis and skin cancer treatments. With the ability to handle significant case volumes, we ensure every tissue sample is analyzed with the care it deserves. Engage with us for your Mohs consulting needs and benefit from a synergy of advanced dermatologic techniques and top-tier expertise, consistently delivering standout results.

Biopsy Preparation

In the world of diagnostic dermatology, a slide’s quality can set the trajectory for patient care. Our biopsy preparation team merges artistry with scientific pathology practices, setting benchmarks in the industry. Partner with us to elevate your slide preparation standards, benefitting not just from peerless slide quality but also prompt delivery. Our methods, rooted in the latest histopathological techniques, guarantee that each slide is both a product of diligent craftsmanship and thorough diagnostic scrutiny.


Effective dermatological diagnostics hinge on deep expertise, state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, and unwavering patient-centric care. Our full-service pathology department is a beacon in this field. Spearheaded by our seasoned in-house pathologist, we excel at interpreting and reporting histological findings with clarity. Catering to diverse medical practice needs, we customize our path report delivery, always prioritizing timely and insightful feedback. Each case undergoes a meticulous evaluation with us, cementing our reputation as a leading name in diagnostic dermatopathology.

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