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MohsTEK is committed to establishing itself as the laboratory standard by pursuing excellence. Driven by an unwavering dedication to surpassing expectations and setting new industry benchmarks.

MohsTEK began its roots within the medical community over 30 years ago.

The company was founded by the late Girish Bhutani who had a vision for providing high-quality mobile Mohs technicians to physicians in the Southern California region. Since that time, MohsTEK has expanded its mobile Mohs services and added an in-house Histology lab to provide the Dermatology community with the highest level of commitment imaginable. The original vision has also expanded to cover all of California (Northern, Central, and Southern) as well as Nevada, and Arizona. The company is now run by Girish’s wife, Seema Bhutani, his nephew Raj Bhutani, and his son Keshav Bhutani.

Developed by Frederic E. Mohs, M.D. in the 1930s, the Mohs Micrographic Surgical procedure has been refined and perfected for more than half a century. Initially, Dr. Mohs removed tumors with a chemosurgical technique. Thin layers of tissue were excised and frozen before being pathologically examined. He developed a unique method of color-coding excised specimens and created a mapping process to accurately identify the location of remaining cancerous cells.

As the process evolved, surgeons refined the technique and now excise the tumor, remove layers of tissue and examine the fresh tissue immediately. The chemosurgical technique developed by Dr. Mohs is no longer used. This reduces the normal treatment time to one visit and allows for immediate reconstruction of the wound. The color-coded mapping of excised specimens and their thorough microscopic examination remain integral parts of the Mohs Micrographic Surgical procedure.

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